Income Taxes
Under our current flat income tax structure, middle and working-class residents have been paying more than our fair share.  Jim believes a graduated income tax structure will help to alleviate the Illinois revenue shortfall and is a more fair way of taxing income. The majority of states and the federal government agree.

Property Taxes
School districts have been forced to turn to property owners for funding because the state is not living up to their constitutional obligation to be the primary source of funding for public schools.  Jim will be a relentless advocate for the state to fulfill its obligation as the primary source of public school funding.  Jim will fight to get state funds to district schools so property owners and businesses in the district can enjoy meaningful property tax relief.

Regardless of ability or income, children and young adults deserve the chance at a quality education and teachers deserve the support of the community.  Jim supports public schools and will ensure they are prioritized over private options or charters.  Jim will support measures to fill the teacher shortage Illinois faces, work to reduce the number of unfunded mandates coming out of Springfield and ensure there are affordable options for continuing education or employment after graduation. 

All the evidence shows that climate change is real and is definitely influenced by human activity.  Our community deserves to have leadership who believes in climate change and the immediate dangers it poses to our lives and that of future generations.  Jim supports moving towards renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar because doing so will assist in slowing the warming of our planet, improve the air we breathe, and protect the water we need to sustain life. Jim believes in making renewable sources of energy more affordable to the average person and that doing so will bring good-paying jobs into our community and make us an attractive area to start a business and raise a family.  Jim believes we must protect our limited water resources and also supports drastically reducing the use of single-use plastic, such as grocery bags.

Second Amendment Rights
Jim supports the Second Amendment as it is written and “well-regulated” to Jim means he supports firearm safety laws such as background checks so people with a history of violence cannot purchase firearms and closing loopholes which exist in our current laws regarding gun shows and private sales. 

Reproductive Rights
Jim applauds Illinois progressive laws honoring a woman’s right to choose supports increasing access for health screenings and contraceptives. He is 100% pro-choice and believes every human being has the right to choose what happens with their own body.

Equal Rights
Jim supports the ERA and will always support equal rights including equal pay for equal work. Jim is proud to be in a Union where men and women are paid the same and will fight to increase equality and access to opportunities for women of all ages, ethnicities, and incomes. Jim will support the needs of our LGBTQ communities and supports anti-discrimination laws.

Pensioners faithfully pay their fair share and it is not fair for the state to fail our workers. Illinois must generate more revenue in order to honor our obligations to workers. Jim will ask the state to reconsider granting tax breaks to corporations making record profits and who can afford to pay more. People who have worked hard for their pensions and who have negotiated for their pensions deserve to have those agreements honored by the state. Politicians created the pension crisis in Illinois, not the everyday people working hard just to get by.  Jim will support legislation that honors what workers have earned, increases revenue to fund and stabilize our pension system, and entertain reasonable reforms. 

Workers Rights
Unions are the backbone of the middle class. Jim is a proud Union member. He knows it is our workforce that makes this country great and he will always support workers’ rights, including the right to form a union so that everyone who wants to work hard has the shot at earning a fair wage, healthcare, pension, and above all, dignity of work. Jim believes unions set the bar for all workers, union or not, and that collective bargaining, a safe working environment, and a living wage should never be taken for granted and deserve protection. Jim will always fight against any and all “Right To Work” laws and make sure that even non-union workers are protected from predatory or unsafe practices in the workplace.

Families across the state are struggling to afford their life-saving medication and even with insurance, many people cannot afford to see a doctor. Jim believes healthcare is a human right and the richest county in the world should be able to provide quality healthcare for all its people. Jim will support legislation which reduces the cost of healthcare for all residents, expands access to care, and fight to lower the costs of prescription drugs because nobody should have to decide whether or not to pay for groceries or their medicine.